Marketing and Publicity

This is the information desk of the organization. It handles all communications of the union, whether internal or external. As the liaison department of the union, it manages the interaction of the union with the media and stakeholders. It also secures all relevant information resources for the Secretariat and union leaders. The department

  • Handles all the organization’s information
  • Advises the Secretariat and heads of Departments on topical issues that require dissemination to membership
  • Prepares and writes speeches for leadership and other staff members
  • Liaises with the press and the general public
  • Markets the Union – carry out public awareness of organization’s policies and actions
  • Responsible for the production of the organisation’s publications for example newsletters and  annual reports
  • Maintains Library database

Our Vision

To Be Progressive World Class Trade Union By Advocating, Promoting And Advancing Worker Rights And Interests In An Ethical And Professional Manner Carefully Blends Economic & Legal Aspects Of Corporate Governance

Our Mission

To Promote, Protect And Advance Economic, Constitutional And Social Rights And Interests Of Workers Through Effective And Efficient Systems, Equitable Representation And Constructive Engagement In Zimbabwe And Beyond

Contact Us

TEL +263 4 771813