This department links the union with all the regional offices of the union. Organising department among other objectives has a mandate to :


  • To build a vibrant, viable, strong and bigger union
  • To co-ordinate and enhance the union activities for solidarity of and among the members
  • To consult with union leadership and secretariat departments in any matter
  • To establish Labour issues that affects the welfare of members.
  • To advise leadership on relevant worker/ labour issues that calls for action.
  • To transmute leadership, National Council and Congress resolutions into action.
  • To promote unity in the union 

Our Vision

To Be Progressive World Class Trade Union By Advocating, Promoting And Advancing Worker Rights And Interests In An Ethical And Professional Manner Carefully Blends Economic & Legal Aspects Of Corporate Governance

Our Mission

To Promote, Protect And Advance Economic, Constitutional And Social Rights And Interests Of Workers Through Effective And Efficient Systems, Equitable Representation And Constructive Engagement In Zimbabwe And Beyond

Contact Us

TEL +263 4 771813