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What benefits does zimratu give me?

Chiefly we offer Free, professional, legal advice right from the day you join.  Our skilled legal / representative team will represent you at workplace level, through the bargaining council or right up to the Labour Court if your case warrants it.

Thus with representatives all over the country you are guaranteed that we:

  • Defend your rights at work
  • Take up your grievances
  • Represent you in disciplinary and appeal hearings as soon as you become a member – no waiting time
  • Fight unfair labour practices, retrenchments and all forms of discrimination
  • Bargain to improve your wages and working conditions
  • Provide benevolence assistance

Why join Zimratu?

1. Is the only trade union in the industry

2. Zimratu has fought and won workers’ rights and improved their wages and working conditions since its inception and is working hard to protect the worker.

3. Trains your representatives in your workplace to advise, represent and assist you at work with work place related matters. 

 Who can join

Any non-managerial employee of:

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority


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Our Vision

To Be Progressive World Class Trade Union By Advocating, Promoting And Advancing Worker Rights And Interests In An Ethical And Professional Manner Carefully Blends Economic & Legal Aspects Of Corporate Governance

Our Mission

To Promote, Protect And Advance Economic, Constitutional And Social Rights And Interests Of Workers Through Effective And Efficient Systems, Equitable Representation And Constructive Engagement In Zimbabwe And Beyond

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